Steve Pinetti

Creativity Workshop

Creativity is intelligence
having fun.


Ever see an image in a cloud?

Ever ask forward thinking  questions like, “What if?” or “How about?”

Ever know that you had a terrific idea that you stood up for and it resulted in success?

Creativity isn’t about having the right answer, or coming up with the brilliant idea.

Creativity is:

  • One’s mental & emotional awareness that possibilities are around us every day, and
  • Being open to seeing and exploring those opportunities

Do you solve problems every day? Sure you do.

Do you just jump in and put fires out like ‘whack a mole’ or do you first stop, think about what you’re going to do, consider all the options, and realize that everything you deal with every day is actually an opportunity for success?

When someone says, “no one has ever done that before,” do you just back off, or do you understand that that response generally means that people are afraid to try a new ideas, not necessarily that people have already tried or failed at the idea?

My workshop will help you on a personal & professional level to: 

Become aware of your “creative” power 
Gain comfort relying on your instincts
Develop the positive attitude that will get you through the thick & thin that life brings your way every day
Get the most out of every minute in your personal & professional life
See the opportunities around you and be excited to act on them
Learn how to build a culture of communication at work
Truly believe that your only failure in life is not trying

Let me ask you a couple questions:
If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

If you changed this one thing, would you be where you are right now?

Why did you not do this thing the first time around?

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!
— Dr Seuss

Inspiration & Motivation Workshop

The only thing in your way is you


What’s your purpose? 

What turns you on, gets your juices flowing, and makes your mojo flow?

How about having goals—ever dream about your future?

How do you inspire and motivate yourself every day?

Bet life comes at you pretty fast these days: family, friends, work—your own to-dos. Sometimes there isn’t time for you to see the trees, let alone the forest.

Do you believe that if you can think something, you can do it? You will after this workshop. We focus on how your attitude is your primary driver and power source, for everything in your world. 

As a leader, before you can Inspire & Motivate others, you need to be clear on your own goals, manage your time effectively, and know that being comfortable with sharing your ideas willingly is your power.

Effective leadership isn’t about just checking off the most tasks. It’s defined by how well you use your mind to take not only yourself, but others to the next level. 

In this workshop you will gain flexibility and clear purpose by:

Examining your fears and how to manage them for success
Exploring the challenges necessary to evolve and grow
Understanding the ruts & routines that get in your way of being successful
Developing a plan to start managing your time effectively
Learning how to set and achieve goals
Becoming aware of your purpose and the direction you need to take to achieve it

Let me ask you some questions:
What could you do to make your life happier in this moment?

Why then would you not do it?

Don’t work toward your goals, live to achieve your goals.
— Steve Pinetti

Top Line Workshop

Doing what you have been doing is going to get you what you’ve been getting.


Profits are proportional to the strength of culture.

Understand the power of Top Down Sale & Marketing vs. achieving budget.

Model the mind set that the ultimate goal of sales is to operate at near capacity but understand that you 1st have to have the mind set that drives that level of sales and execution.

Acquire the skills to look beyond and now accept slow seasons or down times. Traditional sales and marketing will hopefully achieve your budgets but evolutionary thinking is designed to push the limits.

Create and share a vision for success that blends being employee centric integrating high performance and profitability with a communicative, participatory and fun environment modeled by owners and management.

Learn how to focus your Sales & Marketing effort on ROR (relationships) that will drive ROI

Master integrating your Top Line elements: sales, marketing, digital, social, PR,loyalty program, call center, help desk, consumer channels….

Explore new ways to insure you keep the accounts / customers you have as well as probe them for additional business opportunities.

Develop a proficiency in finding new business

Become adept at insuring you don’t look, sound or feel like your competition.

In this workshop you will learn to become a respected rain maker increasing your profits and your value.

Return On Relationships
Increase the Bottom Line
Focused High Performance
Developing a mindset of greatness.
There are no slow Seasons
Refuse to Accept anything but the best and get it

Let me ask you some questions:
Are you hitting your sales targets?

Do you want to increase your bottom line?

Are you an irreplaceable asset to your organization?

The only reason you lose a sale is you either did not understand the clients needs or did not explain your benefits clearly.
— Steve Pinetti

Leadership Workshop

Executive Consultation and Leadership



You are only a leader if people trust and follow you. Gain comfort in how to gain trust through communication skills.

Develop the skills to model the key differences between being a leader and being a manager.

Master the skills necessary to provide high quality 1 on 1 meeting with your team members.

Understand how the strength and power of your positive attitude will determine both your personal and professional success. First you need to be able to lead yourself before leading others.

Learn how to set the tone & pace by seeing problems as opportunities.

Explore how to tap into your people’s spirit – into their true selves.

Learn the skills to:

- recognizing why employees want to be empowered, trusted, trained, feel safe to ask questions or provide feedback and work as a team. 

-and insure that they love coming to work every day and can ultimately be true to themselves when delivering experiences for guests / customers.

Learn how the investment in bettering yourself will accelerate the professional success of your teams. 

Strenghten Relationships
Facilitating Empowerment
Become An Inspiration
Pioneer Your Industry
See Opportunities
Accelerate Success
Leadership is not a formula or program – it’s a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It’s an attitude not a routine.
— Lance Secretan – Industry Week

Custom Tailored Courses

Executive Consultation and Leadership



There are only slow seasons, unhappy customers, and unhappy employees if you accept or allow them to exist.

The goal is to operate with excellence, at near capacity, and to have the mindset that drives that level of execution. Traditional sales and marketing will help you achieve your budgets, but evolutionary thinking is what it takes to push the limits.

Love coming to work every day, delivering the best experiences for employees and customers.

Live up to your companies defined and designed cultural direction while understanding and continually unlocking the true "why" behind the brand promise. 

Let's create a custom workshop together:

Team Building
Facilitating Communication
Creative Thinking
Company Culture