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About Steve

I always love it when someone says, ‘But no one has ever done that before…’ It really gets me going. It's an opportunity.

I’m Steve, and here’s my story.

  • My company W.A.Y. is based on the premise - Who Are You!

  • I thrive on inspiring and motivating companies to welcome change and evolution.

  • My gift is in being able to coach people and companies through the fear of evolution to a place where they can be true to who they are.

  • In 1981 I was Co-Founder and a Partner in Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.

  • Kimpton invented the concept of boutique hotels partnered with chef driven restaurants, and exhibition cooking and are still going strong. 

  • Kimpton became and still is the number one boutique hotel operator in the world, and we did that by building it around an inspired culture.

  • Kimpton has maintained a top spot on the fortune 100 for 8 out of the last 10 years.

  • I believe Vision =  Culture = Purpose. My expertise is in helping establish and enable a company's vision, through its culture and purpose by focusing on the guest journey and employee engagement.

  • My passion is to help others unlock their potential, achieve their goals, and find a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.


Steve's Workshops

Create real opportunities for yourself in both work and life. My workshops help you find balance and give you tools to start thinking and acting differently to become more successful.



Thanks to Steve and the concept of Turbo-Time, I’ve I’ve now been able to really hone in and get some better qualified leads and as a result, become a better sales professional.
— Taddeo von Gleichen
Really helped me become a better boss, a better business partner. And just be a little bit more fun all around.
— Nattha Chutinthranond
I worked with Steve for 24 years at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. Together with the vision of the Founder Bill Kimpton we grew the company from one hotel and restaurant In San Francisco to currently 66 Hotels - 84 restaurants In he US and Europe

Fearless is the standout trait. Given any task Steve would get it done. Given a tough market, location, client, no matter - Steve would gather the team, find the lasting solution. He always started with a “top Line”  focus - from there we could manage the other variables to achieve our economic goals

Steve was a genius on the “branding and storytelling” that helped launch our company.

If I was to start another company Steve would be my first hire.
— Tom LaTour
So inspirational and so motivating. It’s amazing what a 3 hour meeting with Steve can do.
— Bob Dmuchowski


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